Red-light District

After a thorough renovation, the former disreputable and rough neigbourhood has now become a safe and colourful area. You can party all night in trendy discos or in typical brown pubs and perhaps you get in the right mood to treat yourself to a fancy tattoo in one of the many tattoo shops. After the refurbishment of the former ‘Rode Plein’, the shady Russian shops and tough blokes and drunken sailors have given way to trendy restaurants and cafés and a Sunday bio market. When you walk a few hundred feet further, you will discover the fancy addresses of the Sint-Paulusplaats.

Restaurants nearby

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Wijk - Centraal Station Antwerpen

Central Station

Wijk - Harmonie Antwerpen


Wijk - Het Eilandje Antwerpen

‘t Eilandje

Wijk - Historisch Centrum - Antwerpen

Historic Center

Wijk - Ring rond Antwerpen

Ring Road around Antwerp

Wijk - Park Spoor Noord Antwerpen

Park Spoor Noord

Wijk - Meir Antwerpen


Wijk - Theaterbuurt Antwerpen

Theatre District

Wijk - Universiteitswijk Antwerpen

University District

Wijk - Sint Anneke Antwerpen


Wijk - Sint-Andrieskwartier

Saint-Andries Quarter

Wijk - Zurenborg Antwerpen


Wijk - Zuid Antwerpen


Wijk - Wilde Zee Antwerpen

Wilde Zee