Ring Road around Antwerp

Ring road around Antwerp cityIn anticipation of the Oosterweel connection, there are two possibilities to drive around the city by car. The R2 Ring Road with the Liefkenshoek toll tunnel is situated north of the city to provide better access to the harbour, the R1 Ring Road with the Kennedy tunnel is situated south of the city. Signage on the R1 clearly indicates the connections giving access to Limburg, Brussels, East Flanders and the Netherlands. In the opposite direction the R1 disappears via the Kennedytunnel under the river Scheldt to Ghent and Kortrijk (Courtrai) and via the E34 to Zelzate and Knokke. If you leave the busy motorway via the exits of Antwerp and the suburbs, you can easily find accommodation in the major hotel chains around the Ring Road or the Singel. They all offer sufficient parking space and they are situated nearby bus or tram stops that bring you quickly and easily to the city centre.

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Van der Valk Hotel
Luitenant Lippenslaan 66
2000 Antwerpen
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Wijk - Centraal Station Antwerpen

Central Station

Wijk - Harmonie Antwerpen


Wijk - Het Eilandje Antwerpen

‘t Eilandje

Wijk - Historisch Centrum - Antwerpen

Historic Center

Wijk - Schipperskwartier Antwerpen

Red-light District

Wijk - Park Spoor Noord Antwerpen

Park Spoor Noord

Wijk - Meir Antwerpen


Wijk - Theaterbuurt Antwerpen

Theatre District

Wijk - Universiteitswijk Antwerpen

University District

Wijk - Sint Anneke Antwerpen


Wijk - Sint-Andrieskwartier

Saint-Andries Quarter

Wijk - Zurenborg Antwerpen


Wijk - Zuid Antwerpen


Wijk - Wilde Zee Antwerpen

Wilde Zee