Blend 32 Kitchen & Bar

Monday 12:00 - 22.30
Tuesday 12:00 - 22.30
Wednesday 12:00 - 22.30
Thursday 12:00 - 22.30
Friday 12:00 - 22.30
Saturday 12:00 - 22.30
Sunday 12:00 - 22.30

About Blend 32 Kitchen & Bar

Blend stands for combining different styles in a balanced dish.

From a tasty mix of Japanese inspired fusion dishes with a Belgian twist in the bar to traditional and recognizable honest local Belgian cuisine in the Brasserie. Offering the opportunity to wine and dine while enjoying a new perspective of ‘a unique experience’. Its extravagance not only relies on the experience of live cooking at the table, but also through the careful menu selection and attentive staff on board. From Crêpes Suzette flambéed at the table and steak tartare prepared to the guest’s personal taste in the Brasserie to live preparation of the tasty dishes at the Bar.


Traditional and recognizable honest local Belgian cuisine which through personal details and additions gets a unique twist. The chef makes sure that all seasonal ingredients served are local and sustainable. Being focused on fresh seafood and fish, our suppliers guarantee the environmental sustainability of wild capture fisheries. Sustainable products often go hand in hand with the trend to eat less meat and to choose more vegetarian or vegan dishes. Also this trend has found its way to our menu. Think local beer is just for parties? Think again. Beer is a great ingredient for all kinds of savory dishes, adding flavor and texture everywhere it goes such as chicken stew with Hoegaarden or beef stew with Triple d’Anvers. For meat lovers, the intense and delicious full flavor of a dry-aged Belgian white blue steak from our maturation cabinet is a delight.


Based on a type of informal Japanese pub – Izakaya. A gathering place for good food – served in small portions and perfect to share – and drinks. Beautifully executed cosmopolitan food combinations. Our chef has broadened his culinary knowledge with the introduction of delicious and highly unique confusion cuisine. This brings to mind the bite-size Japanese sushi roll, fillings of tomato and grey shrimp rolled up in nori or fillings of chicory and Breydelham. A blend of Belgian flavors with Japanese influences continues in super bowls and ramen (noodle soup). Or just choose the vegetarian version. The bar experience gets lifted to a higher level with live preparation of delicious dishes by the chef. To top it all off, a strong cocktail menu makes sure that the inspiring drinks will make it an unforgettable experience.


  • Cozy terrace
  • Private meeting room in hotel
  • Public parking closeby