The 4 best Greek restaurants Antwerp

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© Griekse Taverne

In the center of Antwerp, near the lively Hoogstraat, you can find a place called the Griekse Taverne. Discover its simple, yet savoury Greek dishes. Take a look on the wine menu and choose one of many tasty Greek wines.

Not only are there some delicious dishes and drinks to enjoy, but the Griekse Taverne offers some entertaining activities as well. Looking to learn more about Greek culture? Take part in some of their dance or language lessons.

Vlasmarkt 28
2000 Antwerpen

Amvrosia Cousina

© Amvrosia Cousina

In a charming setting, Amvrosia Cousina provides its customers with delicious Greek dishes. In order to make tasty dishes, Amvrosia Cousina uses fresh traditional ingredients.

Hoogstraat 71
2060 Antwerpen


© Varelli

Along the river Schelde, you can find some wonderful restaurants. One of them is a Greek restaurant called Varelli. Try its Greek and mediterranean mezze dishes. In summer, Varelli lets you sit on its terrace to enjoy the sunlight.

Plantinkaai 15
2000 Antwerpen


© Mandraki

Situated in the historical center of Antwerp, this restaurant serves some absolute classics of the Greek cuisine. And all of them are delicious. Don’t believe me? Try the moussaka!

Kaasrui 13
2000 Antwerpen