Harmonie & ’t Groen Kwartier

Harmoniepark - Antwerpen

“’t Groen Kwartier” is one of Antwerp’s latest additions. Originally the site was centered around a former military hospital. The site has been completely renovated and transformed into a pedestrian only zone. The city of Antwerp’s goal was to create a residential and business area in a comfortable, green environment. And they succeeded with flying colors.

“’t Groen Kwartier” hosts one of Antwerp’s finest and best-known restaurants, “The Jane”. Please, keep in mind that reservations at “The Jane” are notoriously hard to come by.

This district is home to two more parks, “Koning Albertpark” and “Harmoniepark”. “Harmoniepark” is small, shaded park surrounded by imposing mansions and manors constructed in the 19th century. In the park, you’ll find the “Harmoniebulding”. This Neoclassical building was originally constructed in 1846 and has been renovated completely in 2021.

The ‘Koning Albertpark’ is an amazing place to relax. The park is cosy and shaded and thus ideal for escaping the scorching summer heat. At the edge of the park, surrounded by a public garden, you can visit the brand-new “Provinciehuis”. “Provinciehuis” is nice example of modern architecture with a clear focus on sustainability.

Antwerp’s City Brewery “De Koninck” is definitely worth a visit. You can do a guided tour, stop by one of the many shops to buy artisinal products, enjoy a refreshing pint or an amazing diner at one of the toprestaurants at the site. The choice is yours.

“Harmonie en ‘t Groen Kwartier” are definitely worth a visit if you enjoy excellent architecture, relaxing parks and refreshing beer.