‘t Zuid

The abundance of trendy restaurants is what attracts food lovers to ‘t Zuid. Discover your new favourite restaurant or bistro in Antwerp’s South district.

“‘ t Zuid” is a hip, artsy, fashionable and vibrant district in the city of Antwerp.

“’t Zuid” is the southernmost part of the city centre. It’s situated between the “Singel”, “Amerikalei” and the “Scheldekaaien”. A significant part of “‘t Zuid” is built on the foundations of a historical citadel (“het Zuidkasteel”).

“‘t Zuid” derives its name from “Zuid-Museum”. It is the place to be for art lovers. The southern part of Antwerp is littered with museums and art galleries. Some of the most notable museums to visit are:

Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten (KMSKA)

Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen (M HKA)

Fotomuseum (FOMU)

The city of Antwerp recently renovated the historic quays, so be sure to take a stroll alongside the river Scheldt and enjoy some spectacular views.

“Vlinderpaleis” (Antwerps new courthouse) is an exquisite example of modern architecture. “Vlinderpaleis” is designed by architect Richard Rogers. Richard Rogers is also responsible for landmark buildings like Centre Pompidou in Paris or The Millenium Dome in London.

“’t Zuid” is a vibrant place. You’ll find a wide range of vintage and designer shops, bars, pubs and restaurants surrounded by imposing manors and mansions in Art Nouveau style.

“’t Zuid” is also known as “Petit Paris” or “Little Paris” because of its similar street map.