Discover your new favourite restaurant, bar, pub or bistro at Linkeroever. Visit the river Scheldt’s Left bank.

Antwerp’s inner city is awesome, but it can get crowded at times. To escape the bustling inner city, all you have to do is cross the river Scheldt and go to “Linkeroever”.

Voetgangerstunnel - Antwerpen
Voetgangerstunnel – Antwerpen

You’ve got several options to get to “Linkeroever”. If you don’t want to take the metro, go to “Sint-Jansvliet” and take the 572 meters long tunnel that passes underneath the river. The “Sint-Annatunnel” or as locals refers to it “Voetgangerstunnel” was completed in 1933. Nowadays, most of the pedestrian-only tunnel is kept in its original form. The authentic wooden escalators are a must-see. Another great way to cross the Scheldt is by taking the ferry or the “Waterbus”. You can jump aboard at the quay near “Het Steen”.

At “Linkeroever” you can discover Antwerp in a completely different way. The cathedral and the “Boerentoren” are the main features in Antwerp’s skyline. Sit down and relax with a refreshing Belgian beer and delicious mussels.

“Linkeroever” has a lot to offer. Watersport enthusiasts should definitly pay a visit to Anwerp’s Yacht Harbour. It can be found on a shaded, secluded location near the famous “bend in the river Scheldt”. If you feel like doing absolute nothing, you have to visit “Sint-Anneke” Beach. On a sunny summer day you can join the many locals in their attempt to escape the hustle and bustle of the inner city.

Are you bringing the kids? There’s plenty for them to do. A mini-golf course, an open air swimming pool and several playgrounds should be enough to keep them occupied for hours while you relax near the beach or on one of the many terraces with a refreshing pint.

Escape the busy inner city and relax. Visit “Linderoever”.

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