Nieuw Zuid

Nieuw Zuid is Antwerp’s latest addition. They entire district is build with sustainability in mind. Amidst a couple of great art galeries, you’ll find some nice bars, pubs and restaurants.

“Nieuw Zuid” is Antwerp’s newest district. The entire project focuses on energy efficiency and sustainability and will be finished in 2025. “Nieuw Zuid” is situated between Antwerp’s main courthouse and the river Scheldt.

Although unfinished, “Nieuw Zuid” is already worth a visit. Recently four art galeries opened for public. Eateries, pubs and bars are opening up as well. Barchel, Plein Publiek and Pub ‘Den Tripel’ are definitely worth a visit. Everything is easily accessible. No need for public transport. You can effortlessly visit Antwerp’s newest district by bike or by walking.

“Nieuw Zuid” is surrounded by nature. The entire district is being constructed with the principles of biophilic urbanism in mind. Integration of nature is key. Therefor, the area is perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle in the inner city.

Step into the future. Visit ‘Nieuw Zuid’.