Perhaps your favorite restaurant is located on the bustling Dageraadplaats in Antwerp? There are restaurants to everyone’s liking in this trendy, Antwerp neighborhood, often in beautiful historic buildings. Discover Zurenborg!

Mix class with architectural excellence and a cosy atmosphere. Stir, shake and you get Zurenborg.

Draakplaats Antwerpen

The Zurenborg district is renowned for its outstanding architecture. Througout Zurenborg you’ll find exceptionnal mansions and manors with “Art Nouveau” and “Belle Époque” features. A must-visit for architecture enthusiasts.

Take a stroll through Zurenborg’s impressive streets and be amazed by its exquisite architecture. “De 4 Seizoenen” (the corner houses on “Waterloostraat”) and “12 Apostelen” or “12 Duivelkens” on “Transvaalstraat” are just a few of the sites worth visiting.

At the end of “Cogels-Osylei” you can find “Draakplaats”. The railway line runs directly on top of the square and splits the district in two parts, each with its own typical charm. “Draakplaats” is a secluded, cosy square and perfect for enjoying a drink or a bite to eat.

Further down, you’ll reach “Dageraadplaats”. The square is surrounded by a wide variety of pubs, bars and restaurants. At night, atmospherical lighting transforms “Dageraadplaats” into a magical place.