Zurenborg Quarter in Antwerp
A Restaurant in the Zurenborg quarter in Antwerp

This district is split up by the railway at the Draakplaats into a northern part on Antwerp territory with mainly neoclassical residences for the upper middle class, and a residential area with houses in exuberant eclectic styles on Berchem territory. The Dageraadplaats is surrounded by many schools, fancy small restaurants and cafés. The streets were all named after constellations and signs of the zodiac. At the other side of the railway and the tram and bus depot, a number of magnificent art nouveau premises were saved by a protecting Royal Decree after the deterioration of the Cogels Osylei in the sixties. After 1890 well-known architects could indulge their fantasies here. This is reflected in the corner houses of the Waterloostraat, the ‘Four Seasons’ or the ’12 Apostles’ in the Transvaalstraat.

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Enoteca Savini
Grote Hondstraat 5
2018 Antwerpen
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Italian (€€)
Draakplaats 5
2600 Berchem
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