Wilde Zee

The five narrow and traffic-free streets of this quarter are a colourful mishmash of trendy boutiques, eating houses and coffee shops. The Wilde Zee is the connection between the Meir, the Huidevetterstraat and the fashion quarter near the Nationalestraat. You just need a couple of minutes to walk through the Korte Gasthuisstraat, the Lombardenvest, the Wiegstraat, Groendalstraat and Schrijnwerkersstraat… unless you get tempted by the shop-windows of the unique boutiques. They offer the finest Belgian chocolates, delicious waffles, freshly roasted coffee, healthy bio products, exclusive shoes and hand bags, fancy jeans, shirts and dresses… If you do not feel like cooking at home, you will discover exquisite cheeses and catering dishes to take out. If you are tired of shopping, you can just take a relaxing break on a bench of the central square watching the passers-by.

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Central Station

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‘t Eilandje

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