Gå Nord

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Restaurant Gå Nord

Hardenvoort 5
2060 Antwerpen

‘t Noord



Type of meal

Brunch, Lunch, Dinner


A bit more expensive

Restaurant Gå Nord – 't Noord

The north of Antwerp has gained another top venue. Nikolaj Kovdaland and Sven Wille transformed the old coach house at Park Spoor Noord into a culinary oasis with islands of ferns and trees. In the open kitchen, the heart of the business, dishes with a Scandinavian and Oriental touch are prepared. Wild salmon, Simmentaler T-bone steak, lamb from Lozer… at Gånord (Danish for 'go north'), are proof you will only find the best of the best on your plate.

Moreover, that plate is more than just a plate. It's a hand-crafted piece made by a local potter. Sven and Nikolaj are inspired by the wabi-sabi philosophy. Simplicity is key. And that is exactly what their cuisine is about. Pure flavours and local organic produce. Natural wines, crafted cocktails, special fermentation techniques and last but not least, the interior. This unique environment with its red brick walls, weathered wooden ceilings and soft earth tones, was designed by Sven and Nikolaj in collaboration with designer Anja Schwerbrock.

We are heading North!

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