A gastronomic weekend in Antwerp

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Do you want to experience a gastronomic weekend in Antwerp? We found 4 lovely spots for you. Antwerp has a plethora of restaurants and pubs. This makes it harder to make a good choice. We selected the perfect places for a gastronomic weekend in Antwerp.

Enjoy your lunch at Local Store

© Local Store

At Local Store, you get the feeling of being outside because of its many windows and a wide range of plants. Take a good look around during lunch, because these plants are up for sale. Don’t forget to enjoy the food as well. Local Store has plenty of different dishes such as soups, salads and sandwiches. All dishes are delicious and suited for vegetarians.

Get refreshed at the Stroom

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Enjoy a drink along the Stroom in a cosy harbour. On top of the MAS, you get a panoramic view of Antwerp. Near the river, there are plenty of cosy restaurants and pubs. Get there in the afternoon to enjoy a bit of sunlight.

Sit on the rooftop bar at Black Smoke

© Black Smoke

Are you a BBQ lover? Black Smoke is the place to be for lunch and dinner! Good weather? Take a seat on the rooftop bar and enjoy a lovely view. The ritmic sounds of the cocktailshakers behind the bar accompany the background music. No alcohol for you? We recommend the homemade iced tea!

Go dancing at Ampere

© Ampere

Looking for a night out? Travel to Ampere, an underground club underneath Central Station. This club already holds plenty of concerts and festivities. Ampere is one of the greatest and well-known clubs in Antwerp. Make sure you’re in time or buy your tickets beforehand to avoid long waiting lines.