Antwerp City pass

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Antwerp City pass

Looking for a low-cost way to discover Antwerp? The Antwerp City Pass is your access to a wide range of monuments, offers free travel by public transport and grants shocking discounts. The pass can have a duration of 24, 48 or 72 hours, depending on the amount of time you spend in Antwerp. Get the most out of your stay in Antwerp with the Antwerp City Pass.

What’s included in the Antwerp City Pass?

  • Pick the City Pass of your choice (24h, 48h or 72h). It will now be your transport ticket for buses and trams of De Lijn.
  • Get a map of Antwerp and the Visit Antwerp Guide at the visitors center of Visit Antwerp.
  • Find an overview of all advantages related to shops, attractions and monuments.

Where can I get the Antwerp City Pass?

You can buy the Antwerp City Pass in one of the visitor centers, either at Het Steen (Steenplein 1), or at Central Station. The pass is also available in the shop of the Fotomuseum FOMU.

What are the prices of the Antwerp City Pass?

  • 45 euro for 24u
  • 55 euro for 48u
  • 65 euro for 72u

What are the advantages of the Antwerp City Pass?

  • The Antwerp City Pass offers you free travel through the city with buses, trams and the metro of De Lijn. You can use the pass as your travel ticket.
  • The Antwerp City Pass allows you to access 16 museums, 3 churches and 3 attractions. Discover which places you can visit by using the pass.
  • The Antwerp City Pass provides you with shocking discounts (10% to 25%) for plenty of monuments and shops. Take a look at all the available discounts for the pass.

How long can I use my Antwerp City Pass?

On your pass, there is an indication as to how long it is valid (24h, 48h or 72h). This period starts from the moment of activation and not from the moment of purchase. You can buy the pass before your travel to Antwerp and already plan which places you want to visit. Mind that the pass should be activated one year after your purchase at the latest.

How does the Antwerp City Pass work?

The function is very simple. You just have to scan the QR at the desk from the monument or attraction you want to visit by using the Antwerp City Pass app. The discount is immediately active.

Pay attention: the discount is only valid once per visit. Make sure you visit all parts of e.g. the MAS or Cathedral before you leave. That way, you have maximum advantage from your discount.